Workshops / Cooperative Visits

Workshop - Gender Equality 

Room: Damgaardssalen

SDG 5 | The cooperative model for gender equality: where do we stand?
The cooperative model, through its values and principles, inherently contributes to the advancement of gender equality, SDG 5, in Europe and worldwide. But what are the replicable paths and models towards gender equality developed across Europe? What are the perspectives?

This workshop will be the opportunity to present the first interim report on cooperative women’s entrepreneurship, as well as showcase and discuss the role and contribution of European women cooperators and the positive change the cooperative model promotes for sustainable development. With a presentation of 4 testimonies, the participants will be able to discuss with invited guests, build contacts as well as share experiences to come to a set of recommendations on the potential and the needs discussed, to be presented at the next day for the launch of the European Network of Women Cooperators under the auspices of Cooperatives Europe.

Moderator: Caroline Naett, Secretary General at Coop FR

Introduction by Agnes Mathis, Director of Cooperatives Europe & Susanne Westhausen, Director of Kooperationen and Vice President of Cooperatives Europe

a) Estelle Bacconier,Policy Officer,European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
b) Henriette Laursen,Director, KVINFO
b) Dora Iacobelli Chair of the Commissione Donne e Parità of the Alleanza Cooperative Italiane 


Workshop - Collaborative Economy and Youth 

Room: Atriumsalen 

SDG 8 | Building a democratic & cooperative digital society
In an era of collaborative economy and decentralized production (industry 4.0), the creation of economic value is distributed and diffused, putting into question the traditional way of organizing production. Work is transiting to more flexibility and independence, with an increasing number of free-lancers, and individual producers enabled by digital platforms to offer their services to several organizations. Cooperatives, through their democratic principles and as key actors of SDG 8 Inclusive development and decent work enable enable communities (workers, producers, teachers…) to own, control and manage means of production in a collective and democratic way.

This workshop will look at the challenges and opportunities, with questions touching upon the impact of the digital society on the 2nd cooperative principle, the ability of cooperatives to engage with the collaborative economy as well as transformations within the movement.

Moderator: Ivana Pais, University of Milan, Collaboriamo
a) Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK
b) Arnaud Breuil, Up Group
c) Anne Katrine Buch Vedstesen, co-founder of Student & Innovation House

Workshop - The Cooperative Model

Room: E-51

SDGs | The Cooperative Model – from Europe to the World
The session’s exchanges will center on the impact of the cooperative model in international development and ways to bridge the gap with European cooperatives’ engagement to achieve the SDGs.

As Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP) celebrates its 10 years of existence, significant milestones, including the achievements of strong references about the cooperative model in the new European Consensus on Development will be highlighted. The workshop will focus on 3 specific references in the new consensus on the impact of the cooperative model in agriculture, renewable energies and local services, particularly within the universal framework of the Sustainable Development Goals with a showcase of best practices and linkages between the initiatives by members in the Global South and the activities at the European level.

a. Dirk Vansintjan, Replicating a European success story at the global level to lead the energy transition
b. Thomas Roland, CSR-manager, Cooperative supply chains ensuring fairer markets and quality products in Europe
c. AJEEC-Nisped / Legacoop tbc – Worker and service cooperatives paving the way for economic and social integration of migrants